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In an algebra or math entry task, you can write units in the task which AlgebraKiT is able to interpret as the actual unit, allowing enhanced student interactions. In case AlgebraKiT is not sure whether you referred to a unit, AlgebraKiT will give a popup to confirm. Refer to the item on symbols for more information.

There are several settings you can adapt as an author regarding the behavior of units. By clicking on the Actions button at the left bottom of the step field and selecting the Set Units option, a Units field appears beneath the task input. The following options are available.

Specific unit as final answer

By default, AlgebraKiT has the setting Allow other units enabled. This means that the student can choose in which unit the final answer is given.


For an algebra interaction with a simplify task of 2.5km, all of the following student inputs are accepted as a correct and final answer:
2.5\ \text{kilometer}, 2.5\ \text{kilometers}, 25\ \text{m}, 25\ \text{meters}, etc.

If the answer is required in a specific unit, you can use the setting Convert to this unit. This setting is the oppposite of the Allow other units setting.

In case the Discard unit in task checkbox is not selected, AlgebraKiT will try to convert the task unit (if present) to the given unit in the unit field. In case this is not possible (AlgebraKiT cannot convert e.g. meters to seconds), the task unit will remain.

Consider the following example:

In this example, the student will need to convert the area of 300 \times 700 \text{meters} to the simplified answer in \text{kilometers}.

Unit not required in final answer

If a step is defined with a unit, (either in the task or the unit field), then the question is not finished until the student has written the final answer with a correct unit. If you want to accept a final answer without the unit, you can use the setting Unit not required to allow a final answer without the given unit.

For example:

In this case, the final answers 50 and 50\ m are both correct and final answers.

Unit required at every input

By default, AlgebraKiT allows a student to write intermediate steps of a calculation without a unit, as is common in mathematical and physical calculations regarding units. In case you want the unit to be written at every input, you can use the setting Unit required at every step.

For example:

Intermediate steps now require units to be written explicitly.

Ignore the unit in the task

In some cases, the task is defined by using step references, where these steps might use units in their definition/answer. These units might not be useful in the calculation at this task. Therefore, you have the option to Discard unit from task.

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