Tasks: Simplify

The default task of the algebra interaction type is Simplify. With this task, the goal is to simplify the expression as much as possible, using the mathematical rules that are available for the student.


With a task 4+5, AlgebraKiT will evaluate the sum, because 9 is a simpler expression than 4+5.

Try it yourself:

  • 2x+4x+4
    AlgebraKiT will combine the like terms.
  • x(x+1)
    AlgebraKiT will do nothing. Expanding the brackets is not necessarily ‘simpler’.
  • x(x+1)-x^2
    Now AlgebraKiT will expand the brackets, because it can then cancel terms and reach a simple result.
  • \frac{2x+4}{x^2+2x}
    Using the mathematical knowledge that AlgebraKiT has, it decides to factor both numerator and denominator and cancel factors to reach a simpler result.

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Let’s create an exercise with the following algebra interaction:

The interactive result is shown below:

Interactive student exercise:

Worked solution:

AlgebraKiT uses the audience to know what mathematical rules can be used.

Note: To make automatic simplification possible, AlgebraKiT must assess if one expression is more ‘simple’ than another. See the examples above for more details.

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