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To define the solution model of your algebra interaction, you define for each step the possible tasks to find the final result of that step. The definition of these tasks should all have the same result.

In case the student is allowed to submit a different answer as final result of that step, you can use the alternative answer option. When the student submits this alternative answer, his input will be considered correct as well.

Clicking on the Action button on the left bottom of the interaction field and select Add alternative answer. An alternative answer field appears below the step task(s).

Click on the new field. A new definition field opens.

Select the task and the expression for the alternative answer that should also be considered correct.


Let’s look at the question where the student needs to find a certain probability. A probability can be written either as a fraction or as a percentage. As an author, one of the two forms can be authored as a task, but the other form needs to be added as an alternative answer.

Consider the question where the student needs to find the chance for an even number when throwing with a die.

For this question, we have created an algebra interaction with \frac{3}{6} as task, together with an alternative answer 50\%:

Now try it yourself by entering either \frac{3}{6} or 50\% in the interactive exercise below.

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