Move exercise between courses

You can move an exercise between all the courses you are privileged to.

Go to the exercise(s) you want to move. Click on the checkmark in front of the exercise(s). You can move multiple exercises in the same subject at once.

Go to the Actions menu at the right top and click Move to course.

Select the course you want to move the exercise(s) to, and once the course is selected, select the location you want to move the exercises to, by clicking the home button and navigating through the subjects of the course.

Also select the new audiences in case the go-to course does not have the same audiences as the original exercises available.


At this moment, the move option is only available in the Actions menu at the right top of the subject, and not with the specific exercise menu.

Currently it is not possible to move subjects between courses, due to the course specific settings on a subject.

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