Context hints

Context hints are hints defined by authors given to the students before the AlgebraKiT hints are given. This is especially useful for context-rich exercises. For example, you might want to define a hint to rephrase the question, or to help the student to transform the question into a mathematical problem.

You can define multiple context hints if you want. These will be shown one at a time, when the student requests a hint. If no more context hints are available, AlgebraKiT will try to generate the next hint.

When you click Context hints you will get a text editor similar to the question text-editor where you can enter the hint information. You can also enter mathematical expressions by using the f(x) button.

For the algebra interaction specifically holds: the context hint is the first hint given before entering any valid algebraic input. Once a student has given input that is matched to one of the steps in the solution strategy, the context hints are no longer provided to the student when clicking on the Hint button. A step hint, reveal hint or algebraic hint is given instead.

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