Creating a basic exercise

An exercise contains at least an instruction and an interaction.

Let’s create a basic exercise with an Algebra interaction. Create a new exercise and choose the audience.

Define the instruction for the student in the question field. In our example we want the student to solve the equation a^2+a-20=0. Use the f(x) button to include the math expressions.

Insert the interaction I1 as block interaction using the plus button below the instruction.

The result should be as follows:

Now the structure of the exercise is done, let’s define the interaction.

A basic algebra interaction

We are going to create an interaction to let the student solve the equation a^2+a-20=0.

Select Algebra from the list of available interactions and click Select. A Task window appears.

Click on the text Click to define… to start editing the task.

Click on the dropdown list after Task.

Select Solving equations and edit the input fields.

This is all that’s needed to define this interaction. AlgebraKiT will automatically generate the worked solution, hints, and expected answers from this task.

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Once you have added both question and interaction, you can click Run and test your basic exercise.

The buttons to save, run or close an exercise at the bottom of an exercise

You will see a pop-up, where AlgebraKiT asks you to confirm that symbol a is a variable.

We will return to the interpretation of symbols later in this tutorial. For now, you can click Confirm and add to the symbols list.

You will see the interaction on the left and the worked solution on the right, as shown below. Click to activate and test them.

Now Save your exercise.

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