Exercise tests

In case you have successfully authored your exercise, you can create a so called Exercise test. This way, AlgebraKiT will regularly validate whether your exercise still works as intended.

Check whether all required inputs are accepted and whether all buggy steps are recognised by testing the exercise yourself.

Once you are done testing all inputs, or when the question is finished, you can save that run by entering a name in the Name field of the Store as unit test section, and checking the Store as testcase checkbox and click Store.

Store your run as test case by checking the Store as testcase checkbox before clicking Store.

Your testrun is now visible under the Exercise tests section. Here, you can play your test and verify what input was working with which feedback and hints (left column below). AlgebraKiT uses these test cases to verify whether AlgebraKiT’s behaviour does not change exercise behaviour. Automated tests validate regularly whether created test cases are still valid in the current AlgebraKiT version. The right column below is only visible for AlgebraKiT employees.

NOTE: When you update your question and/or make significant changes to the question, make sure to create a new exercise test and remove the old one. That way, you will make sure that AlgebraKiT will always test the last version of your exercise. A test case is testing input on the exercise as authored at the moment of creating the test case, not on the latest version of the exercise!

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