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The following ingredients are key for a quick resolution of your request:

  • Subject. Clear and concise subject.
  • Urgency. If urgent, change priority and explain why it’s urgent and when the deadline would be.
  • Clear description. Preferably explain what behavior you notice and what behavior you would have expected. Screenshots of the exercise and/or worked solutions from your book are always useful.
  • Explicit steps to reproduce. In case a certain student input from the formula editor is not accepted, you can copy your input from the editor by clicking on the input or using your up- and down-arrows. Once the input is again in your formula editor, you can hit CTRL-A + CTRL-C to copy the input and paste (CTRL-V) the input into the issue you are reporting.
  • Link to exercise. Your issue concerns one or more exercises. Please include the URLs or IDs of (all) the exercise(s).
  • Screenshot. Although it might seem clear what the issue is, a screenshot really helps us understand whether we are looking at the same issue. Please always try to include a screenshot.

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