For external references, content created in AlgebraKiT can be assigned metadata to use in external systems.

Metadata within AlgebraKiT is defined as a (number of) key-value pair(s) that can be defined by an author. Metadata can be defined at two different levels:

  1. On the level of a question: in the Metadata tab.
  1. On the level of a subject: for all the exercises that are stored within the subject. That is, exercises inherit all the defined metadata of the parental subjects.

In the above image, there are two key-value pairs added as metadata:

  • chapter => 3
  • subject => equations

In case a key is defined on multiple levels, the value defined on the lowest level has piority. For example:

  • Chapter 3 Equations
    chapter => 3
    subject => equations
    • Paragraph 1 Linear Equations
      subject => linear equations
      • Section 3 Inequality
        • Exercise 3.1.5
          exerciseNr => 3.1.5

Exercise 3.1.5. will have the following metadata:
  • chapter => 3
  • subject => linear equations
  • exerciseNr => 3.1.5

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