Terminology: Audience

The audience defines what kinds of students the exercise is meant for. For example, the audience can be set to “Key Stage 3 (UK)” or “Grade 2 (Belgium)”. AlgebraKiT uses this audience to automatically adjust the mathematical notation, worked solutions, and hints and error feedback.

Let’s consider solving the equation a^2+a-20=0 for a. The following worked solutions are automatically generated by AlgebraKiT based on the audience:

Key-Stage 3 (UK) worked solution:
Grade 2 (Belgium) worked solution:

Note how the language of the explanations of the steps is different. Also, the notation for the final answer differs between the United Kingdom and Belgium.

You can select the audience of an exercise at the top of the edit page:

The audiences available in the dropdown might differ per course

Which audiences are available to the authors can be defined in the subject settings.

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