Inline interaction mode

An inline interaction is an interaction that is inserted within the question text-editor in inline mode. AlgebraKiT can only display the inline variant in case the interaction type supports inline mode.

Currently, inline mode is supported for the interaction types with a checkmark:

  • Algebra
  • Math Entry
  • Multiple Choice
  • Math Table
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Open Answer

Not all questions need to be solved through multiple steps. In those cases it is often more convenient to make the interaction part of the running sentence.

A basic example for an inline Algebra or Math Entry interaction:

This inline interaction mode for an Algebra and/or Math Entry interaction is intended for answers where no or only limited calculation steps are required by the student.

Extended inline mode

Next to the basic inline mode, the Algebra and Math Entry interaction types also support the extended inline mode. You can enable this feature by checking the Allow extended inline editor checkmark in the Interaction settings of an interaction.

Interaction settings

This checkmark will only change behavior for interactions that support extended inline mode.

A basic example of a question containing an extended inline interaction:

Depending on the interaction type, the extended inline interaction mode enables some more enhanced features in the inline version of the interactions.

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An example for an exercise containing three questions with inline Multiple Choice interactions:

Refer to the interaction specific settings what other options are available for each interaction.

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