Accepted final answer forms

In the algebra and math entry (non-literal) interactions, student input is evaluated by the algebra engine. This engine uses the selected audience rule set to determine whether the student input is correct as final answer to the question. On top of that, AlgebraKiT has determined several forms of input to be equivalent for this validation, to prevent a student from being frustrated that their answer is not valid.

The following characteristics are considered:

  • \vee and or (or equivalent in student language) can be used interchangeably
  • answer can be given fully written or grouped in pairs (this only applies when using one of the Solving equations tasks)
  • answer can be given with the variable names given or without the variable names given (this only applies to student variables)

Inputs that are NOT possible:

  • x=2, or x=-2 (comma and or symbol combined)

Let us now look at an example question where the equation (x+2)(x-2)=0 has to solved. This equation has two answers. Below, four options of a correct final answer are given. Note that, as listed above, the student could also have written \vee instead of or in the examples below.

For a solution where three answers are correct, the following options are correct as final answer:

Try it yourself:

The above two equations are listed below. Try some of the options yourself! The first four questions are the first example with two answers, the last four questions concern the equation with three answers.

Try it yourself #2:

For this system of equations question, the following inputs are correct as final answer:

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