Uploading an asset

You can upload an asset to an exercise by using the Assets tab in the exercise-generics area. To open the tab, click on the settings wheel in front of the exercise name and click Assets.

The tab will open in the exercise generics view, next to the already opened tabs (there can be less tabs visible in your situation). Click on the tab to open the view.

Enter a descriptive name, choose the file you want to upload, and verify whether the asset type is correct.

AlgebraKiT automatically interprets the type of the uploaded asset. If the suggested type is not correct, you can always manually override this selection by changing the selected option in the dropdown menu.

Once you are happy with the settings, click Upload. The asset is now added to the list of assets on top of the Assets tab:

Refer to the list of currently support assets for more information on the different types of assets supported.

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