MathEntry Equality Criterium

You can specify that the input must be compared to one or more predefined answers. Use the evaluation mode to specify what kind of equivalence should be applied.

Evaluation modeDescription
Mathematically equalTwo expressions are mathematically equal if their difference is equal to zero.
\left|x\right| \sqrt{1+x} is mathematically equal to \sqrt{x^2+x^3}
Mathematically equal,
solve for variable
Applies to relations. Two relations are equal if their solutions for the given variable are mathematically equal.
x+y=1 is equivalent to y=1-x
Same expression, commutativeThe expressions must have the same form, except for the order of commutative operations, such as +, -, and =.
1+x\cdot y^2+x^2 and x^2+y^2\cdot x+1 are equal up to commutativity.
Same expression, literalThe expressions must be exactly the same. This is in fact a textual comparison, where only extra spaces are neglected.
Note: The expression does not have to be valid mathematics.
The expected answer could be something like “y=“, which is not a valid mathematical expression.

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