Changes in authoring component

March 2021

To simplify authoring, we made some changes in the authoring screen. 

What was changed?
We have hidden some of the less-used elements, such as settings, script and metadata. You can make these elements visible again whenever you need to add or change them. The functionality of the authoring environment remains unchanged. Also, all exercises you have created in the past will behave the way they did.

General settings block collapsed by default
Old version
New version

The first block on the page contains a lot of information that is one-off. Therefore, it is now collapsed by default.

  • The name of the exercise (text input) and the audience (dropdown select) remain directly available for change. These are the first two items in the row visible.
  • The exercise-ID is not directly visible anymore, but available via the clipboard copy button at the end of the row.
  • The remaining options are available via the available tabs (when they were set in the exercise before).
  • If a tab is not listed, you can add it by clicking the settings button in front of the row, and selecting the name of the tab you want to access.
  • The general settings and metadata are now available via the settings tab, rather than directly visible upon opening the exercise.
Interaction settings hidden by default
Old version
New version

The interaction settings are now available via the interaction dropdown menu rather than directly visible at each interaction. By clicking the arrow next to the interaction name, you can access the settings.

  • Hints opens the context hints item as before, but is now called hints, rather than context hints.

Step settings item removed

The step settings are now not available for selection anymore, as they have been deprecated and replaced by new functionality. In case you want to use a different evaluation method or want to describe specific answers, the interaction type Math Entry is recommended.

The Actions dropdown button lists all the step settings which are available, such as accuracy, units, alternative answers, etc.


In the overview above, we use an exercise with (an) Algebra interaction(s). The changes are on exercise and interaction level, but are not related to the type of interaction. Therefore, the differences discussed below are similar for the other interactions. For simplicity, we left these out.

In case there are any questions, you can always contact us via the regular contact methods.

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