Algebra Interaction


With the Algebra interaction type, you can quickly create powerful multi-step questions with automated evaluation of intermediate steps and automated hints and error feedback. AlgebraKiT generates all this from the student task.

Task, not answers

You specify the task the student should solve, not the answers you expect.

Creating our first question
  • Create a new exercise.
  • In the text editor, type the instruction: “Solve the equation 2(x-4)=1-x“. Use the formula tool f(x) in the text editor’s toolbar to insert the equation.
  • In the Interaction section, below the text editor, choose step type Algebra and press the Select button
  • In the Task selection box, choose Solving equations.
  • In the Relation input field, enter the equation to be solved: 2(x-4)=1-x. In the Variable field, enter x
  • You can now close the Task panel by clicking on the header. Press the Run or Preview button (depending on which platform you use) to run the exercise.

The Algebra interaction supports many tasks, such as simplifying or rewriting expressions, finding the integral or derivative, converting units, working with percentages, etc.

You can add settings for units and rounding and add custom rules for specific intermediate steps. You can even use multiple Tasks to setup more complex exercises, such as story problems.