With modes you can give AlgebraKiT more information about the problem.


AlgebraKiT will interpret \sin{30} by default as the sine of 30 radians. To use degrees, you can set mode gonio_degrees.

To force AlgebraKiT (and the student) to write the fraction \frac{10}{8} into the mixed fraction 1¼,  set mode nf_rational.  

AlgebraKiT will solve the equation x^2+5x+6=0 by default by factoring. To force use of the Quadratic Formula (‘abc-formula’), set mode solve_quadratic_abc.

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You can find the list of modes and a short summary about their behavior in the Reference Guide in the Help Center (choose menu Help Center +  >  Reference Guide > Modes or click here).

In the near future this list will be available on this page.