Why are my hints not working as expected?

In most circumstances, this question arises when authoring an algebra interaction with multiple steps. The reason why hints are not working as expected, is mostly because the (necessary) information to build the solution model by AlgebraKiT was not completely provided by the author.

Make sure to:

Give each step a description, also the solution step. The description of a step defines ‘what’ this step means and is used by AlgebraKiT to create the worked-out solutions and to generate hints.

Define the relation between steps. If steps relate to each other, make sure to use the step name in the task definition, or by using the precondition field of a step. By doing so, you help AlgebraKiT understand the solution strategies available and building a correct solution model.

Remove empty hints. Sometimes an empty hint field (most commonly an empty context hint) exists in the question definition, such that hint behavior is blocked.

Refer to the topic on hints for more information on hints.