Math Table: cells

Click on the Cell tab to specify the properties of individual cells. There are three types of cells:

  • Math cells contain math expressions. You enter these directly in the cell using the formula editor.
  • Text cells are defined using a text editor. Note that it is possible to embed mathematical expressions within the text.
  • An Input cell contains an interaction that requires student input.
Math cell

The expression in a Math cell has to be valid mathematics so that AlgebraKiT is able to interpret it. This allows you to define relations that refer to math cells, as you will see when we discuss table relations.

If the simplify expression checkbox is enabled, AlgebraKiT will evaluate and simplify the expression before it is displayed to the student. This feature is convenient if the math expression refers to randomized script variables.

Text cell

A Text cell contains general content, such as text, images, and mathematical expressions. These cells are for display only, so it is not possible to use them in relations. The upside of this is that you can embed any mathematical expression, even invalid mathematics like y=....
Such an expression would not be allowed in the Math cell.

Input cell

The Input cell hosts an interaction of the type Algebra or Math Entry. The student will see a math input box where a mathematical expression can be entered. Refer to Algebra Interaction or Math Entry Interaction for more information about these interaction types.

The Settings option allows you to adjust some properties of cells. We mention here the option to add text before or after the main cell content.

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