About this documentation

Target audience

This documentation is for authors who wish to create interactive math questions with Algebrakit. This is not a course about mathematics or math education, so we will assume you know what exercises you want. We will help you set them up in the Algebrakit system.


You are now reading section one, the introduction. This section will give you a short overview of what Algebrakit is and what problems it solves. Section two provides a high-level overview of the question types Algebrakit offers. You will learn each question type, what it looks like, how it works from a student's point of view, and for which mathematical topics you can use it.

These first two sections provide a general overview of the Algebrakit system, so we suggest you read them. The remaining sections explain the question types of Algebrakit in full detail. You can use these as a reference and read only about the question types that interest you.

Live examples

We have integrated Algebrakit into this documentation, allowing you to try the example while reading. In many cases, you will also be able to inspect how we created each question in the Testbench. You can use it to modify the example and experiment for yourself. Don't worry; your changes will not be stored or have any impact on the original question.

Algebrakit might look different in your learning application to make it integrate seamlessly into the learning platform. Also, the didactical aspects, such as mathematical notation, solution strategies, hints, and language, are configurable to the requirements of your curriculum. If you have any questions or remarks about these, we suggest you talk to your product manager.

Your feedback

If you have questions or remarks about this documentation, let us know. Send your comments and suggestions to info@algebrakit.com.