Geometry and Graphs


Geometry and Graphs is a two-dimensional graphical question type. You can use it for classical geometry, coordinates, graphs, and every combination of these.

Geometry and Graphs as an interactive resource

You can use Geometry and Graphs as an interactive resource to allow students to experiment and get a feel for mathematical properties. Here are some examples.

Live example: Geometry & Graphs as an interactive resource.

Combining Geometry and Graphs with other question types

People often combine Geometry and Graphs with one of the other question types, like the calculus exercise below.

Live example: Combining Geometry & Graphs with other question types.

Geometry and Graphs as a question type

You can also use Geometry and Graphs as an independent question type with automatic evaluation.

Live example: Using Geometry & Graphs as a question type.

General features

Like the other question types, Geometry and Graphs can run in assessment mode to prevent the student from seeing evaluation results, hints, or error feedback. This information is available during the review after the student submits the questions or tests.

Geometry and Graphs also supports random questions.