The AlgebraKiT Content Management System

The AlgebraKiT CMS is an authoring environment where you can create and test AlgebraKiT exercises.

It is possible that you are using AlgebraKiT from some other authoring environment. In that case, you can skip this section.

Logging in

Type the following URL in your browser: cms.algebrakit.com. You should have received a username and password from AlgebraKiT or from your local contact in your organization.

Navigating folders and exercises

In the top menu choose Authoring and then Courses. A “Course” is a private environment with folders and exercises. Which courses you have access to, depends on the permissions that were set for you.

You can enter a course by clicking the name. Click on a folder to open it and click on an exercise to see a preview.

Editing, copying, and moving exercises

Click on an icon on the left to open a menu with several actions.

Creating a new folder or exercise

Click the red New… button on the top right to create a new folder or a new exercise. This will open a new page where you can edit the folder or exercise.