Courses, subjects and exercises

Content in the AlgebraKiT CMS is organised into Courses, Subjects and Exercises.


We use the term course for a collection of folders and exercises that correspond to some learning product. You can specify general settings, such as the course name and a list of audiences that specify the language and behaviour of AlgebraKiT for the exercises. It is also possible to assign editing and publishing rights to authors.

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Creating and editing a course

Create a course

As an author, you can’t create your own course. Refer to the item on assigned courses.

Edit a course

Go the the Courses overview page by clicking Authoring > Courses in the top menu.

The courses overview page lists all courses you have access to.

Click on the icon in front of the course you want to edit and click edit.

Depending on your role, you will have several options to edit.

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A subject is a folder in a course, just like in a file system. Subjects are indicated with a folder icon in the AlgebraKiT CMS.

Subjects are used to organise exercises according to the paragraphs, chapters and books of the math learning resources that use AlgebraKiT. It is possible to specify settings on subjects that influence the contained exercises. For example, you can specify metadata tags that apply to all exercises within that subject.

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Creating and editing a subject

Create a subject

Go to the location where you want to create your subject.

Click NEW > Subject at the right top of the screen.

By default, the name of a new subject is given as new subject.

Edit a subject

Go to the location where the subject is located.

Click the icon in front of the subject you want to change and click edit.

You can now edit your subject.

Based on your role permissions, you can alter the settings for the subject, such as Name, the default formula editor, question mode or audience. Make sure to click Save after you have applied your changes.

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An exercise is the container that contains instructions, questions and interactive elements. An exercise can be as simple as a single instruction and a single question (e.g. “Solve the equation x^2+x=0” with a single formule editor). An exercise can also be a complex piece of content, with multiple text blocks, questions (a, b, c), and many interactive elements.

An exercise can be randomised by using scripted variables in your texts and interactions. You can define these variables in a script.

Every exercise has a unique ID, which is used to refer to this exercise from your learning platform. You can see this ID in the URL of your browser or you can copy it to the clipboard using the copy icon on the top right of the page.

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Creating and editing an exercise

Create an exercise

Select NEW > Exercise at the top right of a subject page in your course.

The following screen appears:

Set the general information on the exercise and select the audience, like in the example below:

At the bottom of the page you can find the save button:

Click Save to store the exercise. Wait for the green toaster to appear:

Now click Close to go back to the subject where you came from.

Edit an exercise

Go to the subject where the exercise is located, or use the ID searcher.

There are two ways to start editing an exercise.

  1. From the preview screen
    Click on the name of the exercise. The preview screen appears. Click edit at the right top of the preview screen.
  1. From the list menu to the left of the exercise name

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