Welcome to the AlgebraKiT Authoring Tutorial. We will introduce you to some general concepts first and then describe the various question types in depth.

Educational principles

AlgebraKiT is a system that aims to solve a number of challenges related to online math questions.

Support step-by-step answers
Math education is more about understanding than about knowledge. ‘How’ a student solves a problem is just as important as the answer itself. This is why AlgebraKiT allows students to solve math problems in multiple steps. Every step is stored and evaluated automatically.

Hints and error feedback
AlgebraKiT is able to support the student through hints and error feedback. This allows students to solve more problems by themselves.

Unlimited training
Learning mathematics involves mastering a number of skills like arithmetic and working with algebraic expressions. These skills are learned through practice. That is why questions in AlgebraKiT can be randomized. That means that values, variables, and the structure of expressions are different each time a new problem is started.

Integrate into learning systems

Math components
AlgebraKiT’s tools are made available as components that can be used in existing learning environments. So students never ‘log in’ to AlgebraKiT. Instead, they work inside the learning system that hosts the AlgebraKiT technology.