Flexible input order

Matching blanks to responses

Every blank in the Fill in the Blanks question default relates to a single response. But sometimes this one-to-one relation is too restrictive. Examples are questions where students have to provide multiple inputs that share a common property, such as:

  • "The divisors of 10, other than 1 and 10, are ___ and ___"
  • "The coordinates of the zeroes of f(x)f(x) are ___ and ___ "

In the first example, one student can answer 22 in the first blank and 55 in the other blank. Another student might swap these inputs. You want to mark both answers as being correct.

Relating blanks to multiple responses Figure: Relating blanks to multiple responses.

You can relate a Math input blank to multiple responses from the blank settings. Click on other responses to add them to the list.