Fill In the Blanks

Selecting the Fill in the Blanks question type Figure: Selecting the Fill in the Blanks question type.

Fill in the Blanks is a question type that contains a sentence or paragraph with blank spaces. Students are required to type or select inputs in these blanks.

Fill in the Blanks is a well-known question type outside of mathematics. The inputs often are words or numbers that must exactly match one of the prescribed answers. These question types are not suitable for math education for two reasons:

  • Students need a formula editor to allow input of mathematical expressions
  • Prescribing all correct answers is not feasible, because mathematical expressions can be written in many equivalent ways.

Algebrakit's version of Fill in the Blanks takes away these limitations. Fill in the Blanks builds on Algebrakit's formula editor for convenient math input and on the Multistep functionality for its powerful evaluation capabilities.